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Our vision is to help students better prepare to face the cultural challenges of a global work world. The workforce of the future … today’s students … need more international experience and cultural awareness to function in cross-cultural environments.

About the Institute for International Business Collaboration

Today’s employees need more international experience to compete in the global work world. Culture and the differences that impact business success are best learned through hands-on experiences.

Founded by marketing professor Dr. Carol Scovotti in 2006, our mission is to help students, faculty and staff develop their intercultural competencies through customized, collaborative experiences that happen both in and out of the classroom. The Institute for International Business Collaboration (IIBC) creates course assignments and extracurricular activities that connect students across borders and require virtual collaboration.

The Institute of International Business Collaboration is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Intercultural Program - Students Listening

Programs & Research

Course Collaboration

Students collaborate virtually with students from foreign partner schools to work on course assignments and simulations. 

Extracurricular Activities

Students travel abroad to participate in intercultural team sales competitions or international marketing competitions.


Collect data from students, faculty, and business participants for research publications and conference presentations.