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Our Story

Founded by marketing professor Dr. Carol Scovotti, the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater’s College of Business and Economics launched the Institute for International Business Collaboration in 2006. 

The Institute started with one course, one assignment, and one partner school in 2006. By the end of 2018, over 250 UW-Whitewater and 400 international students have worked with colleagues at 10 different universities around the world.

The Institute embraces 4 primary objectives:

  1.  Connect UW-Whitewater faculty with foreign partner universities
  2. Support the implementation of collaborative assignments and activities
  3. Collect data for research publications
  4. Extend the multinational network participating in virtual exchange projects.

In the next couple years, we expect that approximately 2,000 UW-Whitewater students will participate as we expand out of the classroom into extracurricular activities. 




Our Mission

Culture and the differences that impact business success are best learned through hands-on experiences. Our mission is to help students, faculty and staff develop their intercultural competencies through customized, collaborative experiences that happen both in and out of the classroom.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help students better prepare to face the cultural challenges of a global work world. The workforce of the future … today’s students … need more international experience and cultural awareness to function in cross-cultural environments.  

What We Do


Connect UW-Whitewater instructors across disciplines with foreign partner institution instructors and international business leaders. The Institute works with instructor teams to design activities and assignments that require virtual collaboration. Businesses provide work world issues that can be addressed by students.



Support the implementation of collaborative assignments and activities. The Institute coordinates activities and communications, as well as monitors performance of collaborations. The Institute also provides resources to help faculty integrate international experiences into existing courses and workshops for businesses interested in working with students.



Collect data from students, faculty, and/or business participants for research publications. With every project documented, the Institute provides versatile, longitudinal data. We focus on exploring the nature and challenges of intercultural collaboration across multiple business disciplines.



Deepen relationships with foreign partners and extend the network of multinational organizations that participate in virtual exchange projects. The Institute is a source of cross-cultural collaboration expertise that academia and businesses need to compete in the global world.


Dr. Carol Scovotti


Carol Scovotti, D.P.S. is a Professor of Marketing, Fulbright Scholar, Coordinator of the International Business Program and Director of the Institute for International Business Collaboration at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Prior to entering academia, Dr. Scovotti was the President of Telecom Denmark’s American subsidiary, responsible for managing multicultural collaboration efforts among businesses across the country to bring American multinationals to Denmark. Her research interests include virtual teamwork, intercultural competencies and pedagogical innovations.

Andrew Ciganek

Assistant Director

Andrew Ciganek, Ph.D. is a Professor of Information Technology and Assistant Director of the Institute for International Business Collaboration at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Dr. Ciganek has extensive international experience collaborating with business partners that span the globe. His unique background informs his research interest, which examines technology innovations in diverse international contexts.

Developing Intercultural Competencies

Training Today’s Students for Preparedness, Sensitivity, Patience, & Flexibility